Winchester Lookout

NOTE: The Forest Service Winchester Lookout, maintained by the Mount Baker Club, is shuttered but is still open until November when it is closed and locked. The lookout will no longer be available as a shelter from November to approximately May due to user damage during the winter. We are sorry to have to do this, but vandalism at the shelter during the winter has increased to intolerable levels. If you had planned to use the lookout this winter, travel self-contained and be prepared with your own shelterClick Here For Additional Information on why the lookout is shuttered during the winter. Recent work party photos can be seen here.

Please respect the lookout and the USFS Wilderness Designation

No Drones!

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!935 Gordon Fry Photos of the lookout under Construction courtesy of Al Fry

July 8, 2022 Snowpack at Winchester

Additional documents can be found in the Winchester Archives at Western Washington University Center for Pacific Northwest Studies Archives West Documents in Series 2: Club Activities, 1925-2002, Subseries 2: Winchester Lookout

Workplace With a View. Thank you David Inscho for taking such good care of the lookout.