BB #10 – Berthusen Half & Half

BB #10 – Berthusen Half & Half.  22 or 28 miles.  

Half hilly and half flat.  Great to ride in either direction.

A perfect day to be biking and we opted to hit the hills first in the cool morning air.  Berthusen Park is a great place to start from, deep tree shade, picnic tables and bathrooms.  We rode counter-clockwise up onto the glacial ridge and turned west towards Blaine.  Fabulous views, wonderful farms and homes along the rolling hills.
We intended to ride the longer 28 mile loop using Valley View Rd and take a break at that shopping area on the Birch Bay Lynden Rd exit off I-5 with Woods Coffee plus The Market grocery has a very good deli service.  If you do the 28 miles, I’d recommend clockwise to enjoy the downhill on Valley View Rd to The Market.
I wanted to visit the charming but little known Whatcom County Park: The Jensen Family Forest Park.  This is not the Jansen family famous for Lynden’s Art Center and LTI – Lynden Transport trucking service.  From Haynie Rd you can ride down Stein Rd directly to the park.  This a beautiful stand of older trees with a fine hard pack trail winding among them.  There are two wood benches along the loop and a picnic table before you finish.  This shortened our ride to just over 22 miles and was worth it.  We are grateful this family preserved these woods for so long and were generous enough to make them a county park for all of us to enjoy.
It’s fun to have rides around both 20 and 30 miles.  Most Bike Because rides can be done in either direction.

Jim’s Therapy Hillsike Ride

BB #9 Jim’s Therapy Hills 17 miles.  Jim liked to ride this loop during his lunch hour, he must have been a blur to any bystanders.  It’s a great ride, yes it is hilly but not wicked, and you’re rewarded with wonderful downhills and interesting variety of views all along the way.  You probably haven’t been on some of these roads.

Best ridden counter-clockwise, it begins flat until you leave Anacortes.  Note that, after you pass under Mt Erie, you ride hwy 20’s great shoulder briefly until the first right turn onto Lunz Rd.  When Lunz brings you back to 20, you can stop for excellent fish eats at The Shrimp Shack.  Co-Vid means you must carry away your food.  We continued on our route maybe a quarter mile and just beyond our left turn was a broad shoulder pull with an excellent water view above a beach, perfect for lunch.  A few hundred feet back tracked and we took a right back onto our route.
My map shows you 3 similar ways back to your car in the METRO parking lot by Moka Joes.  You can add 6 more miles with a beautiful, flat ride around March Point.
As always, Map # 9 is on the Members Page Calendar and all Bike Because photos are in one album on our Flickr page.  Password required.

Everson to Berthusen Park Loop

BB #8 – Everson to Berthusen Park Loop 26 miles.

It was a splendid spring day for a ride and we were not disappointed.  We took off from Everson’s Riverside Park riding clockwise towards Lynden.  Farmers were taking their first cutting of grass so the air was sweet.  All of the mountains framing north county were out and shining white.
We crossed town through neighborhoods working our way over to Main Street, then onto Berthusen Park.  I never tire of this long standing beautiful grove of old trees.  There are an easy 2 miles of long trail loops in the park but if you use all of the connectors you can walk 4 or 5 miles.
Then it was north towards the border before we headed back east, all on quiet, flat farm roads.  The slight rise at Pangborn and Trapline has a very splendid vista in all directions and is worth a pause.  It was downhill all the way back to Everson and our car.
Thanks Jennifer for your moody Mt Baker photo from your BB#8 ride.

Vancouver and Heronry Bike Ride

Oh my, there were herons in many of the 100 nests right above us, what great fascination they were while we enjoyed our lunch.  We had a terrific bike ride from Richmond into the heart of downtown Vancouver on a splendid weather day. Our route was well signed as we moved through various environments: residential, shoreline, shopping, industrial, community gardens, and neighborhood parks. Crossing the Fraser River and Burrard Bridge was impressively simple and safe. We had only 4 blocks to the train station with no provision for bikes but the sidewalk was generous enough.

In the very quiet heart of the city we visited the charming, old fashioned Barclay Heritage Park surrounded by 9 historic wood turn-of-the-century homes including a museum and neighborhood senior centre.  Skytrain was 15 minutes to Richmond plus 1 1/2 mile pedal back to our cars.  18.6 miles.  A good time was had by all.

Nine came to ride but 2 got pulled aside at the border for being in the NEXUS lane without NEXUS passes.  Oops, they’d just followed another MBC car to the border without realizing their error.  We were able to all meet up with them at the heron colony.

A few said they’d wished to have been a bit warmer at the beginning before the sun and the pedaling stoked us.  Any cheap nylon jacket or pull-over will act as a wind-breaker, holding in more warm air for whatever layers you dressed in.   Janet bookbi…

Everson Loop Bike Ride

Our first Bike Thursday ride for the year turned out to be great, there was no rain or wind and nine riders enjoyed a 20.6 mile loop out of Everson, all paved with very low traffic.  We were all glad to be back riding again.  There are wide country views out here that become particularly wonderful when you head up past Alm Hill and see Canada’s long wide stretch of Cascadian mountains.  Three strong riders opted for an additional 2 very hilly miles up and over South and North Pass Roads just to work off a little extra enthusiasm.  A good time was had by all.

Next Thursday we have a very new and unique ride in Vancouver – with herons.  We’ll post soon.

Razor Hone Snowshoe

March 7, 2020
Eight of us met at Barkley village, including one slightly intimidated newby.  After sorting out the carpools we headed down the road, first stop Wake-n-Bake in Glacier for Coffee and a treat.  It was a busy place this Saturday morning but we got through without too much delay.  We arrived at the White Salmon Lodge parking lot with glorious sun shining but Shuksan was hiding in the clouds.  The parking lot plows had done their magic and totally obliterated the access down to the Lodge Trail as usual.  I managed to pick a pretty good route down through the rubble and we all made it safely.  The lodge trail was completely covered with about 12 inches of new snow so we took turns leading and breaking trail.  This was a new experience for some.  When we reached the White Salmon road at the noze we found it well tracked but not groomed.  From there on we started meeting others who, apparently with a much earlier start than us, were coming back from the Knob.  By the time we reached the Knob it was almost 1:00 and we were overdue for lunch.  The Camp robbers were overjoyed to see us, and they especially liked Saed who became fast friends with about four of them.  The trip back was enjoyable as we took two shortcuts, the Connector and Pete’s.  It was a very nice day in the snow.  Oh, and the newby did just great and is welcome back anytime.  Total distance about 3.5 miles. Photos on the Mt Baker Club Flickr album page.
Ed Alm

Bagley Lakes Hike

Razor Hone Snowshoe Bagley Lakes Hike

We were supposed to snowshoe at Razor Hone, but there wasn’t enough snow. So we drove a few more miles up the mountain and hiked in the snow around Heather Meadows and Bagley Lakes. The temps started in the mid 30’s and was 41 when we finished. We had it all. Sunshine, rain, sleet and snow. But since we were dressed for it, we were actually very comfortable. We set out just ahead of a van load of REI students on a beginning hiking class but otherwise had the beautiful mountains all to ourselves. The footing was generally good with a few spots near streams and waterfalls covered in ice that were a little treacherous. Photos can be viewed here.

Chanterelle Hike (Including New Extension)

Winter wonderland bathed in sunshine at 2500 ft on the extension of the Whatcom Lake Park Chanterelle trail. That was experienced yesterday by seven great hikers and the trip leader. This MBC hike had it all. We started in cloudy weather and the fog prevented a good view at the outlook around 10:30 am. It started snowing as we pushed on hiking the new extension of the trail and our hike turned into a wonderful winter outing and we had about 2 inches of snow when we stopped for lunch. On our way down the sun came out and rewarded our effort with pleasing sights. We even had a reasonable good view from the outlook when we passed it on our way down. At the lower part of the trail we had to brave the muddy trail before we returned to the parking lot at 2:30. Some photos are posted on the MBC Flicker Album page. Thanks to all the participants for a great hiking start in 2020. Happy New Year, Fritz

Boundary Way/Cowap Peak 8-12-19

Eleven of some of the best looking, most intelligent members of the MBC set off for the Boundary Way Hike. We started with a detour via Everson to avoid the Mount Baker Highway construction. The Forest Service road to the trailhead didn’t seem much worse from Owen’s hike, but it certainly didn’t get any better either. The rain had turned the potholes into puddles which made them easier to spot, but also hid how deep they were. Fortunately, no problems were encountered.

We started the hike in the clouds and had on again/off again mist for the rest of the day. It was all very pleasant to hike in. Mukter was the designated sponge that lead and soaked up all the moisture from the brush along the trail. There were some mushrooms sprouting from the recent rains and we all commented about the large size of the King Bollet mushrooms. Although the wild flowers were well past their prime, there was still a good show. We were also treated to a ground squirrel, grouse and pika. We ate lunch near the top of Cowap Peak, but did not traverse the chasm to reach the true summit due to the slippery rocks. We didn’t get to be our age by being dumb!

Thanks to the drivers and all who participated in the hike. Photos from the hike can be seen on the MBC Flickr Album page.

Jennie and Steve

Excelsior Peak 7-26-19

It was a beautiful day in the mountains- clear and sunny, with a breeze. Fifteen hikers were in the party at one time or another, though the numbers present at any one location were variable. Clusters of deep potholes in the road made for some challenging driving, but everyone made it up without incident. The hike up through the forest was uneventful, thanks to some heavy-duty trail maintenance work that had cleared several 3′ diameter downed trees. Once out of the forest, the steeply sloping meadows were a mass of flowers: mostly lupins, white paintbrush, and bistort. There were fine views of both Baker and Shuksan on the way up. Reaching the pass, we headed up the trail to the right for endless views of mountain scenery, dominated by Tomyhoi and Mt. McGuire (in Canada, and therefore not on our maps). It seemed a good spot for lunch. Afterwards, some of the party returned to the pass while others climbed the steep trail to the top of Excelsior peak, and down the other side to rejoin the rest of the party. Surprisingly, nobody was missing so we started down, making good time to the trailhead. The customary stop at the beer shrine made a satisfying end to an excellent day out
Thanks to all participants for your company.
Total distance was about 6 1/2 miles. Elevation gain to the peak was 1500′.