Beginner Snowshoe at Heather Meadows

Thirteen of us met in the upper parking lot at Heather Meadows.  This had been billed as a trip suitable for beginners and lo and behold we had three that had never been snowshoeing.  Several others were unfamiliar with the area.  I told them the pace was going to be moderate and I expected many stops for questions and equipment adjustments.  There were several stoppages for equipment adjustments but most of those involved removing coats, hats and gloves.  Did I say the weather was really pleasant.  Temperature was right around 30 and while we were a little chilly as we started we were all soon quite comfortable.  We headed up toward the Summer Visitors Center pointing out local landmarks.  We had a little discussion on avalanche awareness, but we really only touched on the subject.  Hopefully a little later in the season Bud Hardwick can be convinced to do one of his excellent Avalanche Awareness classes for the club.  It seemed that all along the way there were little groups on skis or snowshoes that appeared to be doing some sort of class.  We went out past the Visitors Center and found a nice little promontory to sit down on and have a bite of lunch.  I later regretted that if I had only moved a few hundred yards to the North we could have had our lunch while bathed in sunshine.  We took a mostly different path back to the cars and ended up with about 2-1/2 miles of snowshoeing in about 2-1/2 hours.  Most of the group called it quits at that point but three of us took off on another little loop around Picture Lake.  This added another 1-1/2 miles to the trip and proved that treewells can still be a problem this early in the season.

Oh, by the way, all the beginners did just great on this trip, you wouldn’t have known they were beginners, the only equipment problems involved a more experienced member. Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.

Ed Alm

Snowshoe to the Knob 2022-2

Six of us met up at the White Salmon Lodge Parking Lot on a bright, sunny, and warm morning for the second trip to “The Knob” in 2022.  We looked over the edge to check out the condition of the Lodge trail and were dismayed to note the very hard, rough, and steep snow slope down to the trail.  It’s only about 100 feet down to the trail.  The icy conditions made it pretty intimidating.  I looked around for an alternative and found a place where the steepest part was only about 20 feet, so we all agreed to give that a try.  That put us down in the woods a little ways from the trail so we then needed to wander in the woods to get to the trail.  This turned out to be a pleasant part of the trip.  The rest of the 2.5 miles out to the knob was very nice.  Did I mention the weather was gorgeous?  We saw no one else so had the trails to ourselves.  The White salmon road had been groomed so it was easy to walk three abreast.  The last climb up to the knob got to be a slog as most of us were more than ready for lunch.  When we got to the knob, we met two others just leaving.  They left us the pesky Camp Robbers, so we had to be pretty careful with our food or they stole it right out of our hands.  We had lunch on the usual embankment facing Mt. Shuksan in all its glory.  Most of us didn’t even need to put on our coats it was so warm.  On the way back we took the connector shortcut up to the nose.  The path was a little obscure because the hard snow doesn’t leave much of a track to follow, but it is well signed, and we didn’t have any real problems.  When we got to the nose, we heard a group coming down the Lodge trail and it turned out to be some Mount Baker Club friends, Sherry and Dick with others.  It was fun meeting and catching up with them.  We then went back on the White Salmon Road until we found Pete’s Shortcut which took us back up to the Lodge trail.  Kim took off up that trail like it was a race.  She made me feel bad when I couldn’t catch her.  The rest of the trip back was uneventful including the final push up the icy slope to the parking lot.  What a glorious day in the snow and sun.

I have posted some photos to the website so they should be viewable soon.
Ed Alm

Snowshoe to Artist Point

Is this January?  Blue bird sunny skies, 45°, not a breath of wind!  Twenty of us (plus 3) had a glorious day in the mountains.  We all conquered cardiac hill and made it to Artist’s Point where we met MBC members Kathy, Jake and Bud during our lunch at the top.  The snow was terrible for skiers, but easy traveling for snowshoers.  Some even packed their snowshoes away and just booted it on the compacted frozen snow. There were plenty of other folks enjoying the mountains as well, but not as many as we had feared – certainly not nearly the crowds they had over the weekend.  A few of us stopped at the Beer Shrine for refreshments and sustenance, i.e beer and pizza.

Total mileage was only 2.99 miles with 833 ft elevation gain (4250 to 5081 ft with a 943 feet cumulative elevation gain). It only seemed a lot worse. If you weighed as much as Steve you would have burned about 1000 calories.  Once we get our photo sharing situation resolved we’ll post some photos.  Please go ahead and add your photos to our DropBox account via the ‘Members Only’ page. You can go here to see a map of our route (You’ll notice the couple of detours that Steve took, including when he chased his runaway pole down a slope).

The whole group made a great day even better.

Jennie and Steve

Snowshoeing at Salmon Ridge

Cancelled due to rain

February 4, 2018 (Sunday):  Let’s get in the woods and enjoy snowshoeing at a low elevation.  For more information: We’ll start around 2,000 feet and climb a mere 300 feet while snowshoeing a total of 5.5 miles at a slightly above average pace.  Lets meet in the parking lot on the South side of Sunnyland school at 8:30am, get together in carpools, then meet up with another group at 9:15ish behind the Maple Falls Shell.  In case of warm temps in January that melt the snow at lower elevations we will still snowshoe but it will be at a higher elevation.  Post-snowshoe refreshments at the Beer Shrine for all who desire.  Contact Michael Davis at<> if you have questions.  Snowshoes required!  Also required is a Sno-Parks permit for each vehicle.  $5. Carpool tariff suggested.  All wheel drive vehicles strongly suggested.

Short Notice Snowshoe

December 30, 2016
Today was a marvelous day for snowshoeing, as 8 of us happily discovered as we trekked from the lower ski lodge through various roads near white salmon.
Lots of skiers/snowboarders, but we had much of the snowshoe trails to ourselves.
A big shout-out and thanks to Ed Alm, who really knows his way around the area. He did most of the trail breaking and led us to The Knob for a lovely lunch spot, where the sun made a welcome appearance, even bringing a shirtless snow warrior to greet us! Shukshan came out of the clouds long enough to guide us back to the parking area and, tired but contented, we followed lots of vehicles heading down the mountain.
Happy New Year!
Kim and Bob