Pine and Cedar Lakes 2022

Did we deserve this? Seven of us basked in the sun, looking over Cedar Lake enjoying our lunch break and some of us pondering this question. Of course we did, we took the chance to hike despite the questionable weather forecast and to our surprise the weather turned out quite nice. We started at 10:05 am and returned to the parking lot at 1:15 pm for the 5.2 miles and 1800 ft elevation difference. Beautiful bleeding hearts, trilliums, yellow violets, and Siberian spring beauties lined our trails. All of us were happy to be out there and we are looking forward to the next wonderful hike.

Photos on MBC Flickr Album Page.


Horseshoe Bend Hike

An even half dozen set out at noon to have a first hand look at the flood damage to the trail. Before getting far, we encountered Club Prez Margaret leading a WTA team beginning the massive task of repairing and rerouting sections damaged last November. (Thank you for taking your lunch time to explain repair plans and techniques)
Everyone was content to saunter our way, examining flowers, mushrooms, wood pecker holes, downed trees, and the altered riverbed. The worst damage is in the first half mile or so, but additional evidence of the river’s power was visible further on with massive slides down 100 foot banks. Some, leaving tall trees in jeopardy of toppling in the next windstorm.
Once we reached the water’s edge after a 1.7 mile hike, some snacked and others lunched. All rested in the sun. The pace on the return was more MBC-like, finishing in 65 minutes vs the two hours going in. The in and out sun was mostly in by then, as the cloud cover moved overhead.
Photos of the River’s new look are on Flickr.

100 Acre Wood Hike

Wednesday April 27, 2022

Ten of us met at Fairhaven Park for an afternoon hike in the 100 Acre Woods.  I had promised 5 miles of hiking, some tree Gnomes, a really nice pond and not much elevation gain.  I think most of the hikers would say I delivered on three out of four.  We did hike 5 miles, the Gnomes were interesting (see the photos), and the pond was really nice.  As for the elevation gain that is more a matter of opinion.   The starting elevation was 90 feet and the highest point reached was 290 feet but we did range up and down between those extremes several times.  We had a pleasant stop at Hoag’s Pond where we got to watch some very young ducks skitter around presumably looking for their mother.  The weather cooperated wonderfully, we had dappled sunlight filtering through the trees for the whole time.  It was a surprising workout for an in-town afternoon hike.  We had a very enjoyable group to hike with.

Photos on the MBC Flickr Album Page.

Ed Alm

Samish Overlook From Blanchard Upper Parking Lot

Twelve enthusiastic two-legged hikers and one four-legged one set off for Samish Overlook on the Lily Lake Trail and then zagged left to the overlook instead of heading for Lily Lake. Two of our party needed to turn back early due to a scheduling conflict, but ten of us made it to the Overlook, which was surprisingly   uncrowded on such a nice spring day. The sky remained overcast, but the air was reasonably warm and we enjoyed our lunches and the view of the islands and surrounding peninsulas and Olympic mountains before heading back down the trail. We shared the trail with only a handful of human hikers and dogs and three horses. It was a nice gentle hike with a good group of friends. Thank you to everyone who joined me.

Photos on the MBC Flickr Album Page.


Y-Road High Trail Loop

Nine of us met as planned at the Trailhead.  We had two new people that I had never hiked with before so that was nice.  I was quickly embarrassed by one of our members as I contorted my body through a hole in a fence while he noticed the gate next to me was not locked and easily opened.  I have crawled through that fence 4-5 times recently and never noticed the gate right beside.  Oh well.  The first mile and a half of this hike is a gravel road with a relentless upgrade.  After that the tread deteriorates into a single track trail that passes through many types of forest.  Some are old clearcuts that were never replanted, some are very old cuts that have regrown with some pretty impressive sized trees.  It was fun to notice different stages of growth.  Eventually we popped out on the viewpoint.  The hoped for blue sky didn’t materialize but most of the clouds/fog had lifted enough so we could see down to Lake Whatcom and Bellingham Bay.  The lack of wind made it reasonable to linger at the viewpoint and have a snack.  The trip down the hill went quickly although the wet trails made footing a little tricky at times.  It was a great almost 5 mile hike with a great group.

Ed Alm

Agate Bay Preserve Hike

A group of 7 hikers met at the trailhead at 1:00 Sunday.  We spent the afternoon hiking 4 miles on a loop hike in the Agate Bay Preserve.  The first part of the trail climbs a hill, so that got us warmed up.  We saw some folks walking dogs and noticed the plants budding throughout the forest.  There were some logs over parts of the trail and some small creek crossings.  A really nice trail through the forest and a good workout for everyone.  We stopped a few times to rest, have a snack and take a drink and then continued on. 

Thanks to everyone that participated and made for a fun afternoon.  It started to rain after we got in our cars on the way home.

Photos are posted to Flicker.

Bonnie Alm

Turkey Day Hike to Chuckanut Falls

Who knew there were seven MBC members silly enough to be out in this lousy weather today? We didn’t think we’d do the hike because it was so windy at our house. But the trail was on the leeward side of Chuckanut Mountain and the wind was pretty light for almost all of the hike. We got some drizzle and a little light rain at the beginning and end of the hike, otherwise it was dry. And there was no major problem with the short muddy scramble. The area near the falls was windier however. As we were finishing our brownies and pumpkin scones (thanks Owen and Jennie), Penny pointed up at the tops of the trees swaying. Having noticed Penny’s gesture, the wind gods decided to take down a few branches. We beat a hasty retreat until we were again on the quiet part of the trail. Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable little Thanksgiving morning hike.
Photos have been posted to the MBC Album Page.
Jennie and Steve

A Walk in the Woods – Fenton Preserve

On Tuesday morning seven members were joined by Abby and Hank (Representatives of the Whatcom Land Trust) to explore Fenton Preserve.  We were told about the history of the Preserve and Whatcom Land Trust. We walked on several trails. Unsuccessfully sought salmon in Haynie Creek. Last week’s floods scoured the creek bed with no salmon evident.  Lots of fungi.  An eagle aerie viewing led to talk about when and if they will return. 
Hank was especially helpful as he has been a Steward at the preserve for years full of knowledge.  We returned to our cars around noon very thankful to have had such a beautiful morning. One eagle flew overhead to add to our enjoyment.  Every time I have been on a MBC outing the collected knowledge of the group is so impressive as well as the various interests exchanged while sharing stories.  Photos can be viewed on the MBC Flickr Album Page.

Dennis and Judy Doyle

Lily Lizard Lakes Via Alternate Incline Trail Plus North Butte Hike 2021

15 MBC members turned out for this hike today, hoping to beat the rain. The road to the Alternate Incline trail featured a view of clouds filling the valley below, and showed only a sliver of snowy Mount Baker peeking through between the foothills and the clouds above. The precipitation arrived just as we reached North Butte. Unimpressed by the view of clouds over the Salish Sea, we didn’t linger long on the slippery rocks there. Managing to stay reasonably dry under the tree cover, we made our way back via Lily Lake and then down the Lily-Lizard trail to the Upper Trailhead parking lot. This was the 10th hike I led this year, and as always, it was great to be out on the trails with friends. Photos can be seen on the MBC Flickr album page.


Lake Padden Hike 2021

My timing was off by an hour.  Earlier morning showers were light and brief, but the one beginning at 12:30 was heavy and continued until most of the walk was over.    The wind was howling across the lake, but once we entered the forest just past Padden Creek, it was quite pleasant.  Going up hill warmed us quickly.  The good news was that the jackets and pants of the three of us were mostly dry by the time we circled the lake in exactly one hour. Since it had stopped raining when we returned to the parking area, I took a little walk up some of the bridle paths above the lake.  There were some up and downs back there that caused me to pause briefly to catch my breath.    But just when I thought I was doing pretty good, a dad with three preschoolers came waltzing up the path, chattering away. There are about 5 or 6 miles of trails around and above the lake.  I highly recommend them when you need a forest walk without all the driving. A few photos are on the MBC Flickr Album page.