BIKE Vancouver

BIKE Vancouver Arbutus Greenway Loop today.  What a great day to be back in the big city, riding off the street almost every moment.  We did ‘take the lane’ as a group a few times to get around construction sites.  

Our paved rail trail sliced right through town from south to north and put us on the waterfront sea wall.  Jon knew about the pedestrian bridge into Granville Island to avoid the cars.  Janet stayed with our locked bikes while everyone else ran around to see the many and varied sights, plus find the best pastries.  Bike theft is a huge deal at such a popular tourist spot so always bring your biggest lock. 

We enjoyed a few miles of shoreline out to UBC and lunched at a stellar beach with  a marvelous view back to downtown, the many mountains and dozens of ocean going freighters from all over the world that were anchored in front of us.

Up to UBC then we followed a quiet neighborhood bike pathway zig zagging past beautiful homes with deep shade from trees arching over the street.  In time, we made it back to our cars and happily we were early enough not to get bogged down by rush hour traffic through the hwy 99 tunnel, always a marker for a great ride in Vancouver.

This was a much varied, always interesting ride with fabulous views in all directions.  23 miles.  11 club members and two swell bike friends from Whistler who came along for the ride.  A good time was had by all.


Bike Workshop

Six eBike owners met this morning at Cordata Park to learn about bike maintenance and safety. Some of us were able to take a tire off, repair a leak in the tube, and replace it. Others of us learned to keep the number of AAA or a close friend or bus fare handy. We learned about cleaning and oiling bike chains (apparently more often than once a year—who knew?) and we talked about techniques to keep us safe on the road. 

The class was offered through Whatcom Smart Trips who offers free classes individually or in groups, maps, and other resources. If you’re a cyclist, it’s worth checking out.

Shaw Island Biking

7 I-can’t-believe-we-have-such-a-beautiful-day hikers met three equally enthusiastic ones at the San Juan ferry terminal in Anacortes, where we boarded the boat for a lovely, short trip to Shaw Island. After hiking a mile or so on the tarmacked Blind Bay Road, we popped into the Graham Preserve onto a real trail, and emerged at the entrance to Shaw County Park, where we enjoyed lunch, some of us on the beach, some up in the picnic area. After lunch, we took a quick visit to Reefnet Point, then headed west past a field with cute, curious alpacas. A walk south on a gravel road took us to the spacious UW Biosphere Preserve. We spent about 15 minutes exploring the coastal trail, then someone had the bright idea to get back to the road on a previously unexplored trail through the tall grasses, which quickly turned into a trail in the woods, then no trail at all!  We bivouacked our way through scratchy wild roses and dangerously uneven terrain to get back to, um, not very far from where we started. Sorry about that. The rest of the walk back to the ferry dock consumed our remaining time and energy. I think we all had a good day, and appreciate that we live in an area where we can access such locations as the beautiful San Juan Islands.

Respectfully submitted.

Barb June

Bike Lopez Island

Raindrops and thunder and lightening, oh my. Eleven excited cyclists boarded the ferry to Lopez and headed into paradise Wednesday morning. After hearing what we thought was the roar of Growlers overhead, for twenty minutes, we realized it was the rumbling of a storm in the making. We endured thunder and lightening for a few miles before reality hit.  As the raindrops started and the rumbling continued we found ourselves near a school. Drawn to the overhangs we decided to pull over and seek shelter. Lunch and snacks came out. Before too long the thunder and lightening increased and the sky opened up.   Thirty minutes later we felt it was safe enough to head out, and so we did. Within 15 minutes the deluge began and we were drenched.  But, hearty cyclists that we are, we continued on our way and rode into Lopez Village.   The sun never came out but the rain did stop.  We had a nice break and then headed back towards the ferry. Not knowing what was in store, weather wise, we thought taking the earlier ferry was a good move. Feeling wet but happy after 24 miles we boarded the ferry and headed home.  Pictures from our ride, attributed to Bill Grove, can be found on the Clubs Flickr site.

 WeGoPoCo Biking

Aug 5.  WeGoPoCo Trail, 23 miles and a ton of fun.  

Our small cadre of riders (sorry Al for landing on your Excelsior Trail hike day) arrived at our BC trailhead bright and early – all truck crossing lanes were empty -only a 30 minute drive and where Colleen and Ian met us.

Conditions were perfect, blue sky, gorgeous river and mountain views all the way.  Riding up the Pitt River, the rugged mountains in Golden Ears Povincial Park were exceptionally dramatic.  Colleen pointed out an eagle nest just above the trail, empty now.  Half way around, we took off to circle the blueberry fields in hopes of spotting a bear working amid the rows. No Luck.  Access to Minnehaka Park was open so we headed over, only to be stopped by a bear down the road ahead of us poking along the way.  Fun to watch before he moved into the brush.  We rode on making hoots and yelps to let the bear/s know we too were there.  Bear #2 was napping in the shade of a tree on fresh mowed grass just feet from the trail.  As we circled near by to observe or as a car drove slowly by, he’d raise his head in interest but napping was all he wanted to do.  #3 was up a tree right above our heads.  #4, 5 and 6, a sow with 2 cubs were spotted moseying down a field road not far from our lane.  Adorable since they were moving slowly away from us.  All 6 black bears were healthy looking and the blueberries have not even ripened up yet.

And still there was more to discover.  

Up at our sweet lily pad lake, we walked past the picnic area and down the trail that goes around the lake looking for a place to lunch.  What we found was the beginning of the Western Frog Migration with signs warning us to be careful since they are so small you’d think them a pebble.  They are hopping their way from lakes to woods this time of year and at times and in places it can look like a bumpy carpet across the trail.  Ours were individually traveling but once we focused we saw many dozens.  It turns out Colleen has become a citizen expert on western frog migration and is currently working on a children’s book to share this amazement of nature at our feet.  A welcome break after 3 Let’s Go Biking! books.

And too.

A latter portion of our trail was closed for covid by the local tribe but Colleen knew of a new trail go-around that had the most perfect trail surface to be found anywhere short of asphalt – rock dust.  Wetlands, ponds and creeklets with field and mountain views, this leg was far more beautiful than what crossed tribal lands and it’s a keeper for this ride.

All good things must come to an end.

Most of us drove to a local bar/grill with an outdoor deck on banks of the Fraser.  Great beers and appetizers were shared after a most unique and delightful day bicycling together.

NEXUS side note.  When you fufill a request with ArriveCAN, the QR information is immediately logged into your NEXUS account so when you cross the border and show your NEXUS card, the guard also sees your QR – this means you don’t have to print out or flash your phone to show your QR.  That was a good thing because Tom and Janet both forgot their phones and had no QR to show the border guard – he just laughed and said ’not to worry, we already know’.  


Bike Report Correction.  We enjoyed watching the Western Toad Migration.  Not frogs – toads.  Today was toad-ally wonderful.  

If our bikers send me photos from today, I will post them to the MBC web site.


Guemes Island Bike Ride/Hike

15 riders convened at the parking lot near Safeway for our journey to the Guemes ferry. The ferry ride was fun but short as a strong current took us to shore.   We took an immediate left turn to circumvent the hilly, beautiful island  on this sunny day.
After the ride  down to Guemes Resort some people had a little snack and we all enjoyed the view of the bay. We cranked it back up the hill and continued on to the Guemes Mountain trailhead for a hike. Everybody was amazed at the view; as usual it was stunning. After enjoying the view we got back on the saddles and road to the Guemes general  store for a beer, lunch, and some warm sun before taking the ferry back home.  A delightful day was had by all on this 16 mile riding and hiking adventure.


Hovander Park Loop Bike Ride

BIKE Hovander Park Loop 23 miles. 13 riders showed up for this excellent day, quite happy to enjoy a bike ride together. A slow climb up Vista Dr, rolling west to Lake Terrell and a generous break. Mostly downhill to the Lummi Rez and along the very peaceful and beautiful Red River Rd before we cruised back to Hovander Park. How glad we are the park has been restored and open again for everyone to enjoy.

This was another wonderful group of members to share time together bicycling.


Point Whitehorn Bike Ride

Ten brave cyclists left Point Whitehorn parking area under stormy looking skies to do an 18.2 mile loop.   We wandered through the perimeter of the refinery near Ferndale on gated roads, ending up riding along Kickerville to Mountain View and Lake Terrell Road. Lake Terrell was the perfect halfway point for a break before returning to Point Whitehorn along a different route.  The final stretch , the abandoned road on which we started out, made for a  dramatic tour through the countryside.  A handful of us chose to walk the trail down to Pt. Whitehorn beach after the ride for an additional two miles of exercise.  The Bleeding Hearts were abundant all along the trail and the beach was beautiful, as usual. As we left the parking lot post-ride a light rain had begun.


Bike Ride and FarmTunes

After some morning rain, the afternoon sunny skies appeared.  Seventeen cyclists met at Bellewood Farms for a 20 mile ride.  The route took us on quiet country roads and we stopped to talk to a miniature pony and donkey.  On the homestretch to Bellewood Farms for FarmTunes….we hit some, uhmmm…moonscape!   Take a look at the Flickr photos! 

Cheers to everyone who joined the bike ride!  

*Hover over the each photo to see some commentary  🙂  


Sue Toy - Hmmm whats this

Island Girls MBC outing- San Juan Island

What a lovely day for an 18 mile bike ride. Seven MBC riders hopped on the Anacortes ferry and rode off at Friday Harbor, headed to American Camp. Although it was windier than expected we braved that wind, riding into it as we left Friday Harbor. With just two ebikes in the group we seven did a loop through downtown to be introduced to San Juan Brewing for future reference…just in case. The day was sunny and slightly cool so after a quick coffee break for some Fidalgo brew we rode to American Camp Visitor Center. Built just two months ago after having to use a small “temporary” building for 60 years, the new visitors center is quite nice. The park rangers are very proud. From there we hit gravel and rode the trail down to South Beach. It was beautiful but the 12 mph winds kept the group from riding the hills up to the Vista point or the lighthouse. After lunch we headed back to the main road and went left down to 4th of July Beach, one of Janet Boyhan’s favorites. It is now a favorite of the Island Girls as well. The beach stretches quite a ways and the view is completely different on that side; easterly versus the ocean view at South Beach. The water was clear and gorgeous; what a delightful spot. Next trip we will have lunch at 4th of July Beach without the hard wind we experienced at S. beach. We got a bit of a push from the wind as we rode back to Friday Harbor taking a detour onto Argyle Way which led us back down to the ferry. Of course some of us managed an ice cream stop, enjoying Lopez Islands treat, while two others had beer and wine to finish the trip. What a joy it is to get together  again, riding, chatting, getting to know a couple of newer members.  A grand time was had by all.

Photos posted to MBC Flickr Album.