Boundary Way/Cowap Peak 8-12-19

Eleven of some of the best looking, most intelligent members of the MBC set off for the Boundary Way Hike. We started with a detour via Everson to avoid the Mount Baker Highway construction. The Forest Service road to the trailhead didn’t seem much worse from Owen’s hike, but it certainly didn’t get any better either. The rain had turned the potholes into puddles which made them easier to spot, but also hid how deep they were. Fortunately, no problems were encountered.

We started the hike in the clouds and had on again/off again mist for the rest of the day. It was all very pleasant to hike in. Mukter was the designated sponge that lead and soaked up all the moisture from the brush along the trail. There were some mushrooms sprouting from the recent rains and we all commented about the large size of the King Bollet mushrooms. Although the wild flowers were well past their prime, there was still a good show. We were also treated to a ground squirrel, grouse and pika. We ate lunch near the top of Cowap Peak, but did not traverse the chasm to reach the true summit due to the slippery rocks. We didn’t get to be our age by being dumb!

Thanks to the drivers and all who participated in the hike. Photos from the hike can be seen on the MBC Flickr Album page.

Jennie and Steve

Excelsior Peak 7-26-19

It was a beautiful day in the mountains- clear and sunny, with a breeze. Fifteen hikers were in the party at one time or another, though the numbers present at any one location were variable. Clusters of deep potholes in the road made for some challenging driving, but everyone made it up without incident. The hike up through the forest was uneventful, thanks to some heavy-duty trail maintenance work that had cleared several 3′ diameter downed trees. Once out of the forest, the steeply sloping meadows were a mass of flowers: mostly lupins, white paintbrush, and bistort. There were fine views of both Baker and Shuksan on the way up. Reaching the pass, we headed up the trail to the right for endless views of mountain scenery, dominated by Tomyhoi and Mt. McGuire (in Canada, and therefore not on our maps). It seemed a good spot for lunch. Afterwards, some of the party returned to the pass while others climbed the steep trail to the top of Excelsior peak, and down the other side to rejoin the rest of the party. Surprisingly, nobody was missing so we started down, making good time to the trailhead. The customary stop at the beer shrine made a satisfying end to an excellent day out
Thanks to all participants for your company.
Total distance was about 6 1/2 miles. Elevation gain to the peak was 1500′.

Ptarmigan Ridge Hike 8-6-19

Eight hikers left promptly at 8:30 am in two cars for Artist Point.  We were surprised to find the parking lot crowded on a weekday morning.  It was warm when we started hiking, but not overly hot for an August day.  It was clear with great visibility.  We crossed six or seven snow patches on Ptarmigan Ridge which were all slushy.  Microspikes were not needed but hiking poles were a big plus.  Half of the group who rode in the same car left early, but the other half continued on to a stunning view of a turquoise lake which gave the optical illusion of a watery cone rising in the middle.  We were also able to see several mountain goats feeding near the lake.  Around the corner from the lake was a spectacular view of Mount Baker, up close and personal.  It was a great day for a hike, thanks to those who participated.

Carla Knight

Lindeman and Greendrop Lakes, Chilliwack, BC

Saturday, May 18, 2019
Lindeman Lake Parking Lot, 63100 Chilliwack Lake Rd, Fraser Valley E, BC V0X 1X0, Canada (map)

Let’s get the passports and visit our neighbors in BC for a day hike to Lindeman & Greendrop Lakes. After the 1h 40 min drive we will hike approximately 6.5 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 1600 ft. Stunning scenery and access to two lakes. Expect lots of boulder field crossings; good footwork and balance required. Bring water, snacks, lunch and sunscreen. Hiking poles are advisable.

Fritz Ulrich


Trip Report


The clouds disappeared and the sun came out as we were driving along the beautiful Chilliwack River valley to the trailhead. The fresh whitewater came rushing down the mountains and awoke our anticipation of a great hike. 

It’s a popular trail and we fit right in with the young folks climbing up the mountain. We with our lunch packs, they with their camping gear shouldered. Nine of us were brave enough to tackle this technically challenging hike. 

The view of the Lindeman Lake did not disappoint. All mountain lakes have something magical to look at and the Lindeman Lake is one of the nice ones. After we took our group picture we were ready to take on the boulder fields. Most of the boulders were overcome easily, some of them required more effort. 

We crossed the creek several times with the help of bridges or by bolder hoping. After lunch in one of the bolder fields we pushed on to conquer the Greendrop Lake. Not everybody in the group was convinced it would be worthwhile since we were told by fellow hikers the Greendrop Lake does not measure up to the Lindeman Lake in terms of beauty. 

The hike there presented an additional layer of complications by some blowdowns. Nothing could stop our determination and finally we made it to the lake. I for my part have to say the Greendrop lake is beautiful as well. 

On our way back we all could feel our legs burning and looked back on a great hiking day as we arrived at the parking lot. It felt good to be back in the mountains for the new 2019 hiking season. Many thanks to the 8 hikers who joined me on this hike and made it a memorable one for me. 


P.S. Pictures are posted on Flickr.

Hike to Mount Erie & Sugarloaf via Whistle Lake

Saturday 5/04/19
This journey through the Anacortes Community Forest Lands is special for the variety of views and terrain that we’ll pass through on an approximately 7.5 mile hike that will take us up 1000 feet in elevation. We’ll make stops at both Sugarloaf and Mt Erie to soak up some sun (always optimistic) while enjoying views of the Sound. There are challenging sections of the trail near the top of Erie, most the trail is well maintained and clean. Lets meet at REI at 8am to carpool with another stop at Chuckanut Park and Ride for more ‘poolers. We’ll likely stop at one of Anacortes’ breweries at the end of the day to refresh and share stories. Questions call Michael at 708.302.9177 or ​​. I will share the location of the Whistle Lake parking area to anyone who wants to drive directly to the trailhead.

– Michael Davis

Trip Report

Twelve hearty Mount Baker Club members hiked together in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands yesterday.

The trip began at the Whistle Lake parking lot then meandered along the East side of Whistle Lake then Toot Swamp before heading up Mt Erie where we enjoyed a scenic lunch overlooking Puget Sound while an eagle entertained us from below our bluff.  There were at least 3 separate mountain climbing groups rappelling down the South and Southwestern facing rocky faces of Erie creating a low level traffic jam atop the mountain though we found solace on our “lunch bluff”.  After lunch we progressed to Sugarloaf Mountain then back to cars via the Western shoreline of Whistle Lake where our choice for the perfect spot for riding a bicycle into the lake was found.  Yes, there is a rather tall cliff you can ride off if you’re so inclined, though the statement, “I’m coming back here with my bike!” was not overheard.

Post-hike beverages at Bastion whose growing beer list did not disappoint.

Approx 9 miles walked and 2000 cumulative feet climbed yesterday, what a great day in beautiful weather with fantastic folks.  Photos available to view on Flickr.

Michael Davis