Fox Hunt Bicycle Trip

Trip Report
Submitted by Ed Alm
If you wondered about going on Ron Peterson’s Fox hunt bicycle trip to San Juan Island but decided not to go you missed a real enjoyable trip.  The hunt was very successful, we bagged (photographically of course) many foxes.  I lost count.  It was really fun to see them roaming around hunting.  It was also fun to watch the bunny rabbits warily keeping an eye on the foxes.
Three of us started at Washington Park where you can park your car free for the day.  Its a short 1.5 mile ride to the ferry.  We all took advantage of the 50% fare discount offered to seniors which really reduces the cost.  The ferry ride thru the islands is of course a treat.  After arriving at Friday Harbor we immediately started riding south to American Camp.  The small but nice visitor center was the first stop.  Then it was on to the redoubt where we started scanning for foxes.  Ron had some in this sights pretty quickly and formed a plan to ambush them near one of their dens.  A short ride down the road and we started walking thru the vast fields.  Once we got to the den we just hung out for a time and the foxes started appearing.  The longer we stayed the less wary they became.  It was really fun.
Lunch hunger pangs eventually over took our desire to watch the foxes so we got back on our bikes and Ron led us on a short ride to a short trail to the beach on Griffin Bay.  The sun popped out and the light breeze died and we had a very pleasant late lunch on the beach logs.
After lunch we decided to ride on down to Cattle Pass to the viewpoint at the lighthouse and old wireless station.  Then it was time to head back to Friday Harbor to catch the ferry home.
We biked about 22 miles with a couple short hikes.  A very pleasant day.
If you are interested in the photos here is a link:

Hike to Cavanaugh Creek

Thank you to everyone who came out to hike with me along the South fork river.

We had a total of 10 in the group this morning. Starting at the end of Saxon road and the Skookum Creek crossing we hiked 2.5 miles out the South fork trail to Cavanaugh creek where Dye’s ranch used to be, now washed away with the movement of the river. A warm breeze blew through the valley as we walked under trees covered in thick moss. The trail continues but a fording of the creek about a foot or so deep would be necessary. That is unless you take the cable bridge across the creek, I was the only one to make the crossing. You’ll see why in the photos. We hiked back out and to the main South fork river where a bald eagle was circling in search of it’s next meal. The trail is in good shape the first mile while you’re on the Whatcom Land Trusts property and then is unmaintained on State land portion. About the last mile back to the cars the storm blew in with force with the wind and rain making for quick departure. I will post photo’s when I get them up. (Photos on MBC Flickr page)

Dan Probst