Baker Lake N walk

Yesterday’s outing to Baker Lake N produced many 10’s:

Number of miles walked:  10.25

Views of Baker:  10 out of 10

MBC members at outing:  10

Number of campers per mile along the dusty gravel road leading to North TH:  10

Thickness, in millimeters of dust on Annie and Jim’s car:  10

Diameter, in inches, of Pam’s bbq bacon burger:  10

Acre feet of water flowing down the Baker River every hour: 10

# of steps that Mei has to take to every 6 of Jim’s steps:  10

# of times Ed was asked about distance walked throughout the day:  10

Hours spent driving, hiking, etc yesterday: 10

Overall a phenomenal day, super group, many of whom will be involved in the Baker Lake East “North to South or South to North” hike next month. 

Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.

For those of you who missed Laura’s get together at Brandywine last night, here’s a quick article about Kevin’s 2300+ mile journey through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colordo. It was a an interesting account of the journey that required staunch resilience and perseverance.

Michael Davis