Bike Queen Ann Park Loop

BIKE Queen Ann Park Loop.  22 miles.
Yesterday was a beautiful day to be biking in Vancouver.  We were a party of 9, perfect for inner city flexibility with many turns and traffic lights.  This is a diverse route, all urban, some up and down, 3 parks to visit ( and bathrooms), garden colors to enjoy a cruise on some Seawall as well – plus lunch at Go Fish!      

We followed greenway routes throughout, all identified with bike symbols painted on the quiet residential streets plus great signage posted along the way.  A fabulous feature in Vancouver biking are the pedestrian/bike traffic light buttons that expedite changing the light.  When a trail crosses mid-block there will be a button to push and pronto the lights change and vehicles stop. 

Queen Ann Park is the highest point in the city.  We can always count on watching a few tai chi classes when we get to the top of the hill with the fabulous views over the cityscape, cruise ships and freighter plus mountains beyond mountains.  A wide range of gardens are found throughout the park plus the Bloedel Conservatory – which was not a bike visit.

We circled the very large Center Park’s wonderful tall tree’s with trails chris-crossing through the native understory, so peaceful, unique and also Burnaby’s highest point.  We appreciated the pedestrian overpass above a major multi-lane arterial, then it was all downhill to saltwater.  This route followed underneath one of the elevated skytrains, which creates a ‘free’ greenbelt right of way all the way down to the seawall.  

Ian MacDonald (husband of biking author Colleen) joined us again and happily pointed out all sorts of good art and info – a Henry Moore sculpture here, two sparrows sculptures there, the boot shaped Telus corporate offices, where MEC has moved to, etc.  Ian also enlightened us to the city’s grand plan to build a new skytrain and subway combination from Main Street downtown out to UBC.  That will be a brilliant asset when completed and I’m sure we’ll use it in a future bike ride.  We did pause at one of the current construction site that provided windows in the solid fence where we could look down several ’stories’ to the multi level underground project.

Go Fish! Is always a biking highlight, especially when the waiting line is not too long.  The short menu serves the very best fresh fish, definately superior fish tacos and fish & chips.
This little walk up is a few steps west of Granville Island and right on the trail. 

Last but not least was the beautiful asphalt Arbutus greenway that carried us gently but steadily back up hill toward our cars.  We were on the road before 3 pm thus meeting the earlier side of rush hour, so it was slow but steady into the tunnel and we were all happy not to be in the pokey pokey riding your brakes style of accessing the tunnel. 

Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.

A good time was had by all.