Vancouver Bike Ride

Thurs 27.  It was a most excellent day for a Vancouver bike ride of 20 miles. 12 of us carpooled up to the seawall and road all around the city while barely touching traffic.

A major surprise was Colleen and Ian MacDonald joining our ride at Kitslano Beach.  MBC has some of her greatest fans and many of you have purchased one or more of her three outstanding books about where to bike in Vancouver, Okanagan and Gulf Islands.  Everyone enjoyed chatting away with them about all things wonderful biking anywhere and everywhere in the world.   

We followed the beach to Granville Island for a quick look, coffee and baked good then continued along the water past the geodesic dome from the Worlds Fair, now the Science Museum.  When we rode under the Granville Bridge, Ian pointed out a giant 7’ glass chandelier hanging there.  Apparently it spins and lights up 3 times a day for your enjoyment.  Startling.

We flew past the stone Inukshuk Man and over to the Heron Colony in Stanley Park.  Standing right below the trees, we watched plenty of nests and active birds flying in and out between the tree branches.  Garden beds, blooming shrubbery, ponds and people where everywhere along the seawall.  Lunch as usual was at the totem poles.  We circled Stanley Park and cruised down Coal Harbor where the cruise ships dock along that giant white building that looks like a tent.

Bike lanes and street pavement green boxes are all over downtown Vancouver.  We followed them 3 blocks over to Hornby St where an entire car lane has been dedicated for biking and the pedestrians are safer for it walking the sidewalk.  Hornby crosses all of downtown amid the tallest sky scrapers.  The entire length is marked with big concrete barricades so we felt very safe in the heart of the city.  Being in Canada, every block had a flower box on top with yellow blooming flowers. 

We hopped onto one of those tiny foot ferries to scoot across False Creek back to Granville Island and finally – back to our cars.  We had to keep moving because our parking lot now has a 4 hour limit.  That simply is not enough time to enjoy all the sites, stop at a few bathrooms, eat lunch, savor another bakery or simply catch your breath.  

Vancouver is a grand place for biking and fabulous to be back once again, co-vid kept us away for 3 years.  Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.