Lunch at Huntoon Point

I planned this trip around the weather forecast and it didn’t disappoint me.  Seven of us met up at Maple Fuels, consolidated cars a little and then proceeded up the mountain.  The ski area is closed and there were very few cars in the upper parking lot.  It didn’t take us long to get going.  The biggest problem we faced was how to keep cool enough.  The only gloves that were worn were sun protection.  Most of us were overdressed.  As we proceeded up the trail, I was amazed how little traffic there had been in the snow.  I even had to break trail in a few places.  The sun was shining gloriously with just a few very high thin clouds.  Mt. Shuksan was in its glory.  We took an easy pace stopping to gape at the wonderful views that were all around us.  We made it up to Huntoon Point pretty close to Noon.  What a great place to enjoy lunch.  I was able to tell everyone about the many times I had done this trip with Hermond Bakke leading.  He would generally roll down the short steep slope as we left Huntoon.  To my surprise Fritz actually considered it.  The trip back to the cars was uneventful.  All seven of us made it back safe and sound (if you ignore Mark’s broken boot) but very tired.  Total round trip 4.2 miles.  It was really an enjoyable trip with good company.

We had a couple photographers on this trip so I am really looking forward to seeing their photos spice up my snapshots that have been uploaded to the Club Flicker page. Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.

Ed Alm