Litter Patrol – Spring 2023

Forty-six degrees, partly sunny conditions, and little traffic greeted the four volunteers to the first Litter Patrol of 2023. After gearing up, and signing some WASDOT forms, we took photos of our two teams of two, and were off.  One team patrolled from milepost 37 to milepost 38 and back, while the other drove up to milepost 39 and worked down to milepost 38 and back.  The April patrol is usually the heaviest haul, as it has been six months since the last patrol, and little grass and brush to hide the trash. 
Six bags were filled with the usual assortment of cigarette butts, paper, plastic, cans and bottles.  Some car parts were thrown in for good measure, as well as a disposable diaper.  Don’t they know that “disposable” means in your own garbage can?
For over 7 years I have been saying “as usual, nothing of value was found”.  Well, can’t say that today.  We found a Stanley stainless steel whisky flask in great shape, valued at about $30.  (Don’t worry, it will be sterilized) 
The other team took less than two hours to complete its mission, while my team had some extra duties including setting up and taking down the safety signs, and loading up the bags stationed at turnouts along the way.  We finished in about two and a half hours.  

I would like to thanks my volunteers Nancy, Ed (who was a bit cheeky, bustin’ my ….), and Julie, who made me say she was a “super fun” team partner.

Next litter patrol will be in mid to late July. Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.