Skagit Loop Bike Ride

Skagit Loop, 23 miles, nine riders, great spring weather.  We rode the most back backroads following the Skagit down towards The Rex.  Next door at the Grange/Community Center was a lovely art show running through the tulip festival.  A great stop to admire the juried artwork, buy a few things and be grateful for the bathrooms.  

Onward to the lower Skagit valley we found a mega flock of snow geese still enjoying their winter over digs.  A raven or eagle soaring in the air upset the birds and they’d start to take flight then settle down a few times while we watched.  The eagle moved on and the birds relaxed once more.  It would have been marvelous to catch such a mass taking flight, when it looks like a bed sheet being shaken in the wind – but not today.  We spotted 2 eagles shoulder to shoulder near their nest.  

Some us heard the Conway Pub oysters calling and some continued back up to Mt Vernon and our cars.  Everyone was glad to be out on their bikes once again and ready for share more MBC bike rides. 

Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.