Blanchard Mt Hike

Seven hardy hikers set out from the Upper Parking Lot on the many-named  Blanchard Mountain road, which is apparently now called B-1000 (thanks, Owen). Several in the party had never been on that particular route before. We took the Lily Lake trail to the connection with the Larry Reed trail. As we neared the Overlook, we gasped at the extent of the recent clearcut, which gives that section of trail a post-apocalyptic feel but does open up a more extensive view of the Samish Valley. At the Overlook, we enjoyed lunch and a view of the Salish Sea on display under the silvery winter light. Before hypothermia completely set in, we decided to spend a few minutes watching a paraglider swooping through the sky in the company of an eagle, and then hit the trail back down to the parking lot. Upon reaching the parking lot, full sunlight appeared (of course). Good hike, good company. Getting out on our rare good days in winter definitely improves my outlook on life. Thank you to everyone who came with me!