Richard’s 2023 Birthday Walk

Fourteen members, two guests, and one sweet dog joined me to celebrate 71 years riding this planet around the sun.  It has never snowed on a birthday walk, but the forecasted afternoon sun never showed either.  Mostly cloudy, a bit foggy, and chilly temps in the 40’s ruled the day.

We left Marine Park, headed to the Cruise terminal for a quick group photo out on the patio, and then on to Fairhaven, Taylor St Dock, and the Boulevard Park.  After a brief pause to collect everyone, we headed back.  The group threw me a curveball by electing to stop at the Colophon Cafe before heading down the last half mile to the vehicles at Marine Park.  Seems no one wanted to park closer to the Cafe and pay the parking fees.  Twelve of us had either a light snack or a full lunch, then we waddled our way downhill the last half mile.  Given the stops along the way, and comfortable pace, the walk would have taken about 90 minutes.

Thank you to all who came out this afternoon, and those who could not, but sent birthday wishes.  Special thanks to Julie for the video and gift bags for all, and to Jane for treating me to tea and a blueberry scone.  If you are free next January 25th, I hope you will join me in 2024. Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.

**This report not written by an Artificial Intelligence bot.  Any mistakes in spelling, grammar, or common sense are entirely my own!