Squalicum Harbor Walk

Five members joined me at the Squalicum Harbor for a little walk around the waterfront.  It was filtered sun and chilly, and icy walks wherever the weak sun could not reach.  We began by leaving the Harbor area and making a left at LFS.  We cautiously walked the city sidewalks and roadside as there was still considerable ice remaining along the way.  We checked out the renovated Little Squalicum Beach just past the old plywood mill.  Nicely done, but limited parking for sure.  We backtracked from there and headed around the harbor scoping out all the pleasure and working craft bobbing in the calm water.  We made the bend around the Bellwether Hotel and then headed back to Zuanich Park.  Mike tried to make a call on one of the several old payphones stationed the along the way.  Who knew that they even existed any more?  His call did not go through!  

No one had an accurate number, but it felt like a three mile walk in about an hour and half.  Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.