Closing Winchester 2022

So that all club members are in the know, three of us secured the lookout for winter today.  

 – The shutters are cabled down tight while the door will be left secured but unlocked.  

 – An opening limiter was installed so that the door will not open around the corner, damaging the door and the lookout.  

 – An interior hook and eye latch was installed so that when folks are inside the lookout they can secure the door from the inside so that it doesn’t blow open during the night.

 – An exterior slide bolt was installed to complement the two hook and eye latches on the outside of the door.  If the latches are thrown the door should be secure.  We asked a couple that was staying up there whether the latches were closed when they arrived and they confirmed that they were.  Let’s hope that continues until, and throughout, winter.

 – Several signs were installed asking, pleading, begging for the latches to be thrown upon leaving.  One of the signs is on the outside of the door as another gentle reminder.  Note that these were quick turnaround signs and we expect to formalize them, correct all grammar and spelling errors, and mount them permanently come summer next year.

 – We also agreed that opening and closing of the Lookout will become club events going forward.  The Lookout is in the Wilderness so only 12 club members will get to enjoy each of those events so we expect the competition to be fierce!

We had a great day on the mountain, the weather cooperated and did us such a favor that coming down was tough.  The photos attached show the smoke from on top, and then on the way home.  I think that we did much better up there than Bellingham.

Today’s report could have been called the “Forgotten Hat and Two Right Shoes” hike but we will leave that story for the opening party.  Two members of today’s party have sworn secrecy and the other was personally involved so identities should be secure 😉 Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.

As always, I hope to SYITM (See You In The Mountains)


Jim Gizzi