Damfino Lakes Excelsior Pass Fall 2022

Yes, it was a bit smokey Saturday, but if you check out the Flickr photos, not terrible. 

Three ** members made it to the intersection of the trail that led straight up to the Peak, and the one that goes around the perimeter to the back side.  We poked around a bit, but by consensus decided we had gone far enough and instead had lunch in the shade of a nearby evergreen grove, before heading for home.  In the two hour trek up, there still was abundant color in the meadows in the morning sun.  In the one and a half hour return, the afternoon brightness kind of washed out the color to more of a muted brown.  Close to six miles for the day.  Not many folks on the trail in either direction…maybe 25 hikers passed in the 4 hours on the march.  

The Tale of Two Roads:  The  first half of the 45 minute drive consisted of a narrow paved portion in good shape.  The second half was all gravel with numerous potholes that can be mostly avoided, plus at least two gullies.  But, compared to the Twin Lakes road traveled a week ago,  Canyon Creek Rd could be considered a Freeway.  Very dusty, too.


**Six members signed up.  Three no-shows without notice.  Rude.