Park Butte Hike 2022

3 fearless hikers departed Schreiber’s Meadow a little after 9 yesterday in the direction of Park Butte Lookout.  The gentle smell of burning timber hung in the air, though the smoke only caused partial visibility issues.  Once we reached the stream crossing we had to cross over on a couple of logs that sat side by side as this bridge as well as the bridge on Scott Paul have been removed for the season.  Well, 2 of us crossed there and one crossed over boulders and ended up with a tumble after crossing.  Luckily it was a matter of a couple bandaids and tape to get him back into action.  I double checked and yeah he signed the liability waiver.  Once we reached approx. 1 quarter of the elevation gain the smoke smell disappeared and maybe it’s our optimistic nature but the views increased at this point.  Lots of ripe berries lined the trail up to the Lookout, red leaves brightened the landscape.  Once at the Lookout we enjoyed lunch, the surrounding vistas, and viewing a paper map (still a big fan of those!) of the surrounding mountains, rivers, and valleys.  On the way down we guesstimated that the water flow rate doubled from the 1st crossing.  One nice detail of yesterday’s hike was the ample parking available and few visitors on the trail.  What a pleasure!

Thanks to the crew yesterday, you made it fun and interesting! Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.

Michael Davis

Avalanche Associates, Inc