Bike Fort Langley Area

October 7.  Biked Ft Langley area, 34 miles.  This turned out to be a better than usual fun bike ride.  Our plucky little group enjoyed a fine ride through the woods along the Fraser River, a big hill climb, a handful of up and downs, an excellent winding downhill and a return along the river.

Our highlight – besides the usual fabulous lunch at Wendels Bookstore and Cafe in Ft Langley, was stopping at Riverside Cranberry Farm, where they were holding an Open House.  Who knew there were quite a few bogs in the Glen Valley area of Ft Langley?  Folks were welcome to group tour by appointment or self guide around their fields to observe the harvest.  Basically, water fills the bog, they rake the low growing plants and bright red berries float to the top.  Gorgeous color!  Berries are then boomed into the corner and vacuumed up.  Water is then moved into the next bog and harvested.  Unique to this event was the opportunity to don rubber overalls and boots, walk into a wet field and have your picture taken holding or tossing a handful of berries.  That was when I regretted not making a reservation for us.

While sitting and enjoying the sunshine, Riverside’s farm owner Brian took a break and plopped himself down amid us and chatted away about his family farm, the harvest, the pleasure and exhaustion of holding an event and farm life in general.  Bright red cranberries kept popping out of his rubber wear as he shifted in his seat.  What a treat.

This event is open through Sunday, then Monday is Canada’s Thanksgiving. Consider a drive up to visit, go on-line to make an appointment for your own cranberry bog photo, and enjoy their gift shop of cranberry products.  Explore the very charming old town of Ft Langley and visit the Hudson Bay Fort’s museum, small and mighty it is.  Your day will be full.  Saturday is the community’s big Cranberry Festival. 

Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.