Hidden Lake Lookout Hike

12 members and 1 ex member joined the trek to Hidden Lake Lookout yesterday, arriving at the trailhead just before 10am to find plenty of parking.  Nice to see a light load of hikers after counting 155 cars at the Yellow Aster Butte trailhead last Saturday afternoon post Winchester repairs.

Smoke was at a minimum though we could see large plumes of beige smoke rising from multiple locations in the distance.  Cloud cover was non-existent so the sun and heat were a challenge to deal with the moment we exited the trees, about ¾ of a mile into the hike.  The consistent and considerable uphill trek up the mountain proved to be challenging for all, even the most experienced club members.  Fast elevation gain and high temps were the name of the game yesterday, everyone dealt with these elements with maximum attention to their personal condition.  Some made it to the saddle below the final climb to the lookout and others made it as far as their bodies could handle it.  Nobody reached the lookout.

No matter where we all turned around we were immersed in the beauty of this hike all day, every step, whenever we lifted our heads to look around we were inspired by the Cascades beauty.  Boulder fields aplenty at midmountain and upper mountain.  The mountains we passed through are truly a geologic marvel that our resident Geologist was happy to discuss.  You know the guy, he’s also good with our club funds numbers. 

Photos on the MBC Flickr Page..  Congratulations to all the fine individuals who spent the day challenging themselves on Hidden Lake Lookout trail!

Michael Davis