Shaw Island Biking

7 I-can’t-believe-we-have-such-a-beautiful-day hikers met three equally enthusiastic ones at the San Juan ferry terminal in Anacortes, where we boarded the boat for a lovely, short trip to Shaw Island. After hiking a mile or so on the tarmacked Blind Bay Road, we popped into the Graham Preserve onto a real trail, and emerged at the entrance to Shaw County Park, where we enjoyed lunch, some of us on the beach, some up in the picnic area. After lunch, we took a quick visit to Reefnet Point, then headed west past a field with cute, curious alpacas. A walk south on a gravel road took us to the spacious UW Biosphere Preserve. We spent about 15 minutes exploring the coastal trail, then someone had the bright idea to get back to the road on a previously unexplored trail through the tall grasses, which quickly turned into a trail in the woods, then no trail at all!  We bivouacked our way through scratchy wild roses and dangerously uneven terrain to get back to, um, not very far from where we started. Sorry about that. The rest of the walk back to the ferry dock consumed our remaining time and energy. I think we all had a good day, and appreciate that we live in an area where we can access such locations as the beautiful San Juan Islands.

Respectfully submitted.

Barb June