Lake Ann Hike

Oh well, every good hike needs a good sweeper. On this hike the strength of the hikers was pretty uneven, which resulted in a long drawn out line of hikers in the group. I really hope everybody had a good time anyway. Lake Ann is a beautiful place to hike and it seems everybody knows about it. This was by far the busiest trail for me this year. Yes, we had to park along the road again at 8:45 am and when we finished the hike I checked out Artist Point and I have never seen it that busy before – cars along the road up to Artist Point as long as the eye could see. Anyway the hike was great, the cloud cover provided us some cooler temperatures in the morning. Like last Saturday during our lunch break at the lake it cleared off a bit and we could see the Lower Curtis Glacier of Mt Shuksan. On our way back everybody left me in the dust behind and I enjoyed the first Cascade blueberries (Vaccinium deliciosum) this year. Thanks to everybody who joined me today for the 8.8 miles and 2,000 ft elevation gain/loss hike.


Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.