Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm

Ten eager hikers headed for Cascade Pass (nine Members plus one guest) and all navigated

the 30+ switchbacks to reach the Pass.  The faster hikers arrived first, had lunch, and were

ready to continue upward towards Sahale Arm as the rest of us checked in at the Pass.  The

views at the Pass (and even on the way to it) were as spectacular as expected, but the four

Members who made it to high points above the Pass raved about the amazing views from

up there.  Some of the remaining six ventured upwards to the extent they were comfortable

with or remained mostly at the Pass, which was pleasantly cool and quite breezy.  Everybody

made it safely back to the trailhead after a challenging but very rewarding hike.

The road from Marblemount to the Pass is in excellent condition.  The first portion is well-paved,

and the remaining gravel portion is in very good shape, with nary a pothole to be found.  We

were fortunate in having excellent weather.  There were a few bugs, but they weren’t really

bothersome.  The whole day unfolded smoothly, with good communication and lots of

friendly interaction and banter. Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.