Bike Lopez Island

Raindrops and thunder and lightening, oh my. Eleven excited cyclists boarded the ferry to Lopez and headed into paradise Wednesday morning. After hearing what we thought was the roar of Growlers overhead, for twenty minutes, we realized it was the rumbling of a storm in the making. We endured thunder and lightening for a few miles before reality hit.  As the raindrops started and the rumbling continued we found ourselves near a school. Drawn to the overhangs we decided to pull over and seek shelter. Lunch and snacks came out. Before too long the thunder and lightening increased and the sky opened up.   Thirty minutes later we felt it was safe enough to head out, and so we did. Within 15 minutes the deluge began and we were drenched.  But, hearty cyclists that we are, we continued on our way and rode into Lopez Village.   The sun never came out but the rain did stop.  We had a nice break and then headed back towards the ferry. Not knowing what was in store, weather wise, we thought taking the earlier ferry was a good move. Feeling wet but happy after 24 miles we boarded the ferry and headed home.  Pictures from our ride, attributed to Bill Grove, can be found on the Clubs Flickr site.