Cowap Peak Hike

So the promised temperature in the 70’s turned out to be in the mid-80’s, and the promised breeze to keep the flies away was cancelled due to supply train disruption or possibly Covid. It was hot and the flies were biting. However, 13 stalwart hikers made it up the short but brutally steep trail to the top of Cowap, where jaw-dropping vistas of jagged peaks met the eye in all directions. Chekamus Lake could be seen to the north. An eagle circled overhead. But it was uncomfortably hot to sit in the sun, and shade is scarce at the summit, so most of the party started down after a short stay, abandoning their leader. On the way down, swarms of little blue butterflies decorated a few small creek crossings, and larger swallowtails and fritillaries cruised around the summit and the meadows. The meadows were still at their best, but won’t last long. Blueberries are not ready yet. 

Thanks as always to those who came, and braved the heat and the flies and hardly complained at all. Photos on the MBC Flickr Page.


Penny says it was Cultus Lake, not Chekamus. My apologies.