Scott Paul Trail Hike 2022

We encountered the good/bad/ugly and excellent. The good: we knew that the Scott Paul Trail is not instagramized (I can make up words, can I) as well as the Park Butte Trail and most people are going up that fashionable trail. We crossed 4 people once we were on the Scott Paul Trail section. Probably lots of people were also going up all the way to Mt Baker. The bad: the forest road to the trailhead is really bad. The ugly: the parking situation at the trailhead is horrible. We had to park a mile down on the road side. The excellent: what do you think? The hike itself of course. Seven MBClers were venturing out to enjoy the Scott Paul Trail at perfect hiking weather. Every day you can observe Mt Baker and Mt Rainier and Glacier Mt and Mt Shuksan is a good day. Before you ask, we did not see 6 bears. No, we did not see 5 bears or 2 bears. We saw zero bears, but we had lots of fun crossing the new suspension bridge over Rocky Creek. Thanks to all the participants for another wonderful hiking day.