WeGoPoCo Biking

Aug 5.  WeGoPoCo Trail, 23 miles and a ton of fun.  

Our small cadre of riders (sorry Al for landing on your Excelsior Trail hike day) arrived at our BC trailhead bright and early – all truck crossing lanes were empty -only a 30 minute drive and where Colleen and Ian met us.

Conditions were perfect, blue sky, gorgeous river and mountain views all the way.  Riding up the Pitt River, the rugged mountains in Golden Ears Povincial Park were exceptionally dramatic.  Colleen pointed out an eagle nest just above the trail, empty now.  Half way around, we took off to circle the blueberry fields in hopes of spotting a bear working amid the rows. No Luck.  Access to Minnehaka Park was open so we headed over, only to be stopped by a bear down the road ahead of us poking along the way.  Fun to watch before he moved into the brush.  We rode on making hoots and yelps to let the bear/s know we too were there.  Bear #2 was napping in the shade of a tree on fresh mowed grass just feet from the trail.  As we circled near by to observe or as a car drove slowly by, he’d raise his head in interest but napping was all he wanted to do.  #3 was up a tree right above our heads.  #4, 5 and 6, a sow with 2 cubs were spotted moseying down a field road not far from our lane.  Adorable since they were moving slowly away from us.  All 6 black bears were healthy looking and the blueberries have not even ripened up yet.

And still there was more to discover.  

Up at our sweet lily pad lake, we walked past the picnic area and down the trail that goes around the lake looking for a place to lunch.  What we found was the beginning of the Western Frog Migration with signs warning us to be careful since they are so small you’d think them a pebble.  They are hopping their way from lakes to woods this time of year and at times and in places it can look like a bumpy carpet across the trail.  Ours were individually traveling but once we focused we saw many dozens.  It turns out Colleen has become a citizen expert on western frog migration and is currently working on a children’s book to share this amazement of nature at our feet.  A welcome break after 3 Let’s Go Biking! books.

And too.

A latter portion of our trail was closed for covid by the local tribe but Colleen knew of a new trail go-around that had the most perfect trail surface to be found anywhere short of asphalt – rock dust.  Wetlands, ponds and creeklets with field and mountain views, this leg was far more beautiful than what crossed tribal lands and it’s a keeper for this ride.

All good things must come to an end.

Most of us drove to a local bar/grill with an outdoor deck on banks of the Fraser.  Great beers and appetizers were shared after a most unique and delightful day bicycling together.

NEXUS side note.  When you fufill a request with ArriveCAN, the QR information is immediately logged into your NEXUS account so when you cross the border and show your NEXUS card, the guard also sees your QR – this means you don’t have to print out or flash your phone to show your QR.  That was a good thing because Tom and Janet both forgot their phones and had no QR to show the border guard – he just laughed and said ’not to worry, we already know’.  


Bike Report Correction.  We enjoyed watching the Western Toad Migration.  Not frogs – toads.  Today was toad-ally wonderful.  

If our bikers send me photos from today, I will post them to the MBC web site.