Excelsior Peak Hike

Seventeen Members of the Club summitted Excelsior Peak in perfect weather today.

In leisurely fashion we skirted the Damfino Lakes, glittering in the morning sun. We then

worked our way gently uphill through shady forest before emerging into brilliant sunshine 

as we traversed a hilly meadow abloom with lupine, valerian, arnica, penstemon,

aster and various other wildflowers (thank you, Penny and Owen, for sharing some

botanical expertise!).  Upon reaching the base of Excelsior we first headed east towards

the High Divide Trail and then turned west onto a trail that brought us to the peak of Excelsior.

While lunching at the breezy summit we were treated to a magnificent 360-degree visual 

extravaganza starring the one and only Koma Kulshan, with Mt. Shuksan,  Bearpaw Mt., 

Church Mt., Cougar Ridge, and Skyline Divide excelling in supporting roles.  

Canyon Creek Road is in excellent condition, and there were no significant obstacles to

deal with on the trail. We expected some mud and lots of bugs, but the trail was in very

good shape and we encountered few bugs until the final half mile or so as we approached

the end of the trail. The wildflowers have yet to reach their peak, so the enchantment of

this hike may only increase during the coming few weeks.

I left my Iphone behind in the car, but Richard and others have offered to submit photos.