Church Mt Hike 7/30/2022

Beautiful day, gorgeous views, wildflower meadows and a lovely group of MBC hikers. What more can you ask for a summer Saturday hike? About 9 miles and a bit shy of 4,000 ft elevation gain was just what 7 MBC hikers asked for. Some of you may think that’s not for a heat wave day, but I have to tell you it was by far not as bad as you think. O.K. we had to earn the breathtaking views with our sweat but we were mostly hiking at a 70 degree temperature. Just a normal summer hike!

This was our second attempt this year to summit Church Mt. and compared to the previous hike there was no more snow on the trail. The mountain slopes were green and full of mountain meadow wildflowers. All of us made it up to the peak and we were glad we were there again. Photos can be viewed om the MBC Flickr Album Page.