Litter Patrol Summer 2022

It was 79 degrees when we kicked off about 10:00, and 85 at the finish.  But it really was not that bad.  We are lucky that miles 37 – 39 of the Mt Baker Hwy are shady for the most part, and pleasantly, the Nooksack is often in view.   The most exposed area is around milepost 39.

We found the usual assortment of cigarette butts, paper, plastic, cans, and bottles.  But the happy news is that it was a very light collection.  I attribute that to the high mountains only now becoming snow free.  And, that hikers are more environmentally considerate than skiers and snowboarders.  One exception was down a bank where someone had cleaned out all the junk in their car they did not need anymore.  It took me 15 minutes for that alone, but both teams finished in about an hour and half.  Of course, nothing of value was found.  And no one wanted the large pair of men’s pants on the side of the road.  

One double edged sword was that the DOT had recently mowed a wide swarth of grass and brush along the Hwy shoulders, on both sides.  Was great for walking and spying trash, but if they hit an aluminum can, that one can became numerous razor sharp pieces.

I took a photo of the E. Church Mtn road sign so that Fritz can find it when he next attempts that hike.  It is located between mileposts 38 and 39.  About 5 miles up that forest road is the trailhead.

On the way home stopped briefly at the Horseshoe Bend Trail to cool off my feet in the Nooksack.    The river is running kind of high and fast, and full of gray silt.

Thanks to my volunteers Suzanne and ALBERT JAMES FILOSA.  Sorry Al, just poking fun at how your name shows up on the signup sheet.  The next litter patrol will be mid to late October.  I already have several interested members, but if you would like to get on the waiting list for next year, let me know. Photos on Flickr.