Church Mt Hike 2022

Those people are having much too much fun, see

Did you go all the way up? Nine hikers were on the hike and all of them made it to the snow covered meadow on a sunny morning. Seven of them carried on to attempt the peak and came close but got turned around by snow bridges on the long traverse before the last steep part to the peak.

Did you see Glacier Lilies? Yes, as folks reading the reports know we were looking for them on Goat Mt, we finally found a meadow of Glacier Lilies at 5300ft on Church Mt.

Was there still a lot of snow on Church Mt? Yes, the snow is still in the meadow area and above. We didn’t even have to bother crossing Dearhorn Creek, because it was still covered by snow.

Did you have fun? You bet!

Thanks to all the participants.