Bay 2 Baker Memorial Day Hike and Potluck

Rain? What rain? So it may have been a bit drizzly when you woke up today in Bham and all you wanted to do was curl up under the covers until the coffee finished brewing and you’d hit the snooze button three times.
But for the at-least 31 (yikes!) hardy MBCers who made it out to Maple Falls, they were rewarded with rainless skies, Crosby the wonder dog who led most of the hike, a beautiful walk with wildflowers and oyster mushrooms a-plenty, and an unbeatable potluck in a cute little pocket park.  And we were accompanied by the club’s newest resident artist, who delighted us with small watercolor vignettes of her observations along the way.
Thanks to everyone who came out and made this another fun outing for the club!

A few photos on the MBC Flickr Album page.