Wildlife Tracking Workshop

Ten of us met with Ryan Johnson at the Deming Eagle Park this morning for a Wildlife Tracking workshop.  Ryan  scoped out the area while most of us were still at home drinking coffee and doing Wordle.  Because of his dedication, we were lucky enough to see coyote prints and scat, beaver and crow tracks and signs of rabbits and deer.  If we can remember just a smidgen of the capacious knowledge Ryan shared with us, we won’t mistake domestic dogs for wildlife on our next adventure!

Ryan is always such a pleasure to spend time with.  His knowledge of the outdoors is both deep and wide and his curiosity is infectious.  If you missed signing up for these workshops, look for another in the fall or find him here: firecraftnw.com

On a disheartening note:  Two in our party returned to their cars to find windows broken.  (I’m so sorry, Susan and Gary!)  The advice I’ve been reading is to put your registration papers, insurance cards and garage door openers in your pack when hiking.  

The world is a crazy place.  I’m so glad for time with all my MBC buddies!  Thanks for a wonderful Saturday morning.

Look for pics on Flickr soon!

Happy Trails,