Horseshoe Bend Hike

An even half dozen set out at noon to have a first hand look at the flood damage to the trail. Before getting far, we encountered Club Prez Margaret leading a WTA team beginning the massive task of repairing and rerouting sections damaged last November. (Thank you for taking your lunch time to explain repair plans and techniques)
Everyone was content to saunter our way, examining flowers, mushrooms, wood pecker holes, downed trees, and the altered riverbed. The worst damage is in the first half mile or so, but additional evidence of the river’s power was visible further on with massive slides down 100 foot banks. Some, leaving tall trees in jeopardy of toppling in the next windstorm.
Once we reached the water’s edge after a 1.7 mile hike, some snacked and others lunched. All rested in the sun. The pace on the return was more MBC-like, finishing in 65 minutes vs the two hours going in. The in and out sun was mostly in by then, as the cloud cover moved overhead.
Photos of the River’s new look are on Flickr.