Y-Road High Trail Loop

Nine of us met as planned at the Trailhead.  We had two new people that I had never hiked with before so that was nice.  I was quickly embarrassed by one of our members as I contorted my body through a hole in a fence while he noticed the gate next to me was not locked and easily opened.  I have crawled through that fence 4-5 times recently and never noticed the gate right beside.  Oh well.  The first mile and a half of this hike is a gravel road with a relentless upgrade.  After that the tread deteriorates into a single track trail that passes through many types of forest.  Some are old clearcuts that were never replanted, some are very old cuts that have regrown with some pretty impressive sized trees.  It was fun to notice different stages of growth.  Eventually we popped out on the viewpoint.  The hoped for blue sky didn’t materialize but most of the clouds/fog had lifted enough so we could see down to Lake Whatcom and Bellingham Bay.  The lack of wind made it reasonable to linger at the viewpoint and have a snack.  The trip down the hill went quickly although the wet trails made footing a little tricky at times.  It was a great almost 5 mile hike with a great group.

Ed Alm