Snowshoe to the Knob 2022-2

Six of us met up at the White Salmon Lodge Parking Lot on a bright, sunny, and warm morning for the second trip to “The Knob” in 2022.  We looked over the edge to check out the condition of the Lodge trail and were dismayed to note the very hard, rough, and steep snow slope down to the trail.  It’s only about 100 feet down to the trail.  The icy conditions made it pretty intimidating.  I looked around for an alternative and found a place where the steepest part was only about 20 feet, so we all agreed to give that a try.  That put us down in the woods a little ways from the trail so we then needed to wander in the woods to get to the trail.  This turned out to be a pleasant part of the trip.  The rest of the 2.5 miles out to the knob was very nice.  Did I mention the weather was gorgeous?  We saw no one else so had the trails to ourselves.  The White salmon road had been groomed so it was easy to walk three abreast.  The last climb up to the knob got to be a slog as most of us were more than ready for lunch.  When we got to the knob, we met two others just leaving.  They left us the pesky Camp Robbers, so we had to be pretty careful with our food or they stole it right out of our hands.  We had lunch on the usual embankment facing Mt. Shuksan in all its glory.  Most of us didn’t even need to put on our coats it was so warm.  On the way back we took the connector shortcut up to the nose.  The path was a little obscure because the hard snow doesn’t leave much of a track to follow, but it is well signed, and we didn’t have any real problems.  When we got to the nose, we heard a group coming down the Lodge trail and it turned out to be some Mount Baker Club friends, Sherry and Dick with others.  It was fun meeting and catching up with them.  We then went back on the White Salmon Road until we found Pete’s Shortcut which took us back up to the Lodge trail.  Kim took off up that trail like it was a race.  She made me feel bad when I couldn’t catch her.  The rest of the trip back was uneventful including the final push up the icy slope to the parking lot.  What a glorious day in the snow and sun.

I have posted some photos to the website so they should be viewable soon.
Ed Alm