Turkey Day Hike to Chuckanut Falls

Who knew there were seven MBC members silly enough to be out in this lousy weather today? We didn’t think we’d do the hike because it was so windy at our house. But the trail was on the leeward side of Chuckanut Mountain and the wind was pretty light for almost all of the hike. We got some drizzle and a little light rain at the beginning and end of the hike, otherwise it was dry. And there was no major problem with the short muddy scramble. The area near the falls was windier however. As we were finishing our brownies and pumpkin scones (thanks Owen and Jennie), Penny pointed up at the tops of the trees swaying. Having noticed Penny’s gesture, the wind gods decided to take down a few branches. We beat a hasty retreat until we were again on the quiet part of the trail. Thanks to everyone for an enjoyable little Thanksgiving morning hike.
Photos have been posted to the MBC Album Page.
Jennie and Steve