Lily Lizard Lakes Via Alternate Incline Trail Plus North Butte Hike 2021

15 MBC members turned out for this hike today, hoping to beat the rain. The road to the Alternate Incline trail featured a view of clouds filling the valley below, and showed only a sliver of snowy Mount Baker peeking through between the foothills and the clouds above. The precipitation arrived just as we reached North Butte. Unimpressed by the view of clouds over the Salish Sea, we didn’t linger long on the slippery rocks there. Managing to stay reasonably dry under the tree cover, we made our way back via Lily Lake and then down the Lily-Lizard trail to the Upper Trailhead parking lot. This was the 10th hike I led this year, and as always, it was great to be out on the trails with friends. Photos can be seen on the MBC Flickr album page.