Lake Padden Hike 2021

My timing was off by an hour.  Earlier morning showers were light and brief, but the one beginning at 12:30 was heavy and continued until most of the walk was over.    The wind was howling across the lake, but once we entered the forest just past Padden Creek, it was quite pleasant.  Going up hill warmed us quickly.  The good news was that the jackets and pants of the three of us were mostly dry by the time we circled the lake in exactly one hour. Since it had stopped raining when we returned to the parking area, I took a little walk up some of the bridle paths above the lake.  There were some up and downs back there that caused me to pause briefly to catch my breath.    But just when I thought I was doing pretty good, a dad with three preschoolers came waltzing up the path, chattering away. There are about 5 or 6 miles of trails around and above the lake.  I highly recommend them when you need a forest walk without all the driving. A few photos are on the MBC Flickr Album page.