Stimpson Family Reserve

Who would have thought that 14 people would show up, on a Sunday morning with an apocalyptic weather forecast, just to walk around the Stimpson? Apparently our club members will take any excuse to get out of the house. 

The weather was gray but dry and calm as we started just after 9, proceeding counter-clockwise around the main loop. The plan was to reach the Geneva Pond trail near the end of the main loop, and then to decide whether to go to the pond or head straight back to the cars, depending on whether it was raining by then. The forecast was definite about rain, but we hoped to be back by the time it started. The reserve was looking green and refreshed. Golden maple leaves covered the ground in places. There were wildlife sightings (OK, two squirrels, but they still count). Mushrooms were popping up all over. The mosses were luxuriant. As we walked, the sound of wind in the trees became more insistent, and it became clear that the rain was starting early. Despite that, when we reached the fork, the majority voted to go to the pond anyway, while a small breakaway group had other things to do and went back. Without pausing to admire the effect of raindrops on the pond surface, we increased the pace and reached the parking lot slightly after the rain had really got going. Perhaps we should have started at 8:30. 

So, a pleasantly social if unspectacular outing, and we didn’t get soaked or have a tree fall on us or lose anybody. Thanks as always to those who came, and a special welcome to the new faces.