Litter Patrol – Fall 2021

A lovely October morning, mostly sunny and 41 degrees upon arrival at milepost 37 of the Mount Baker Hwy.  Brilliant yellow leaves everywhere glowing in the sun.  Joining me were two members new to the litter patrol, and new to me was a “no show”.
It was an extremely light trash haul (Yay!), barely filling two of the DOT supplied bags with the usual collection of cans, cigarette butts, paper, plastic bottles, and plastic bits of all shapes and sizes.  AS USUAL, NOTHING OF VALUE WAS FOUND!  Some of the light load was due to fallen leaves everywhere hiding a lot of sins until next year.  I did forget to mention in my opening safety and pep talk to Team 2, that they did not have to swoosh around in the leaves looking for hidden treasures.  But I admired the dedication!  Their proudest moment came when they uncovered a tattered, tar covered old traffic cone abandoned after recent roadwork.
As the leaves fall in our slice of heaven (not talking about pizza), it is obvious just how close the Nooksack River is to the highway along miles 39 to 37.  Sometimes just a few hundred yards away.  Some may think of the River as docile, but in my Flickr photos, you can see how the powerful current washed huge trees downstream when the the River is raging.
Also in the photos, there is one that looks like Steve mixed up my order.  Not so!  In support of the MBC efforts my sister who lives in Delaware patrolled her neighborhood.  I think she gathered more trash there than we did in the two miles of the highway.  Good work, Sis!
I would like to thank Carol and Betty for their enthusiasm and upbeat approach to the litter patrol.  The next patrol will be in April 2022 when I think the trash haul will be more significant after a winter of ski bound traffic.  I always found it odd that there are always more beer cans and bottles on the way up to the mountain, than the return.  But we will deal with that in April. More photos on the MBC Flickr Page.