Chain Lakes Hike 2021 – Take 2

We were prepared for nasty fall weather, especially after Teresa’s warning of snow at Artist Point. Warm layers, microspikes, windbreakers, thermo bottles, what have you.

Luckily, there was no snowflake as far as the eye could see. We were greeted by the sun and 41 Fahrenheit at the parking lot and Shuksan was towering in its normal beauty above us with some snow dust at the top. The microspikes were immediately tossed in the car trunk but we kept on to our warm layers, just in case. I also kept my thermo because nothing is better than hot tea for lunch.

After a group photo 10 of us hiked down Wild Goose Trail, which is in excellent shape due to the good repair job in August by the National Forest Service. At Austin Pass we had to pack our warm layers in the rucksack. The sun was shining on us and I almost got sunburned because who needs sunscreen in the fall season?
Walking leisurely up to Herman Saddle we enjoyed the beautiful fall colors and took pictures here and there. At the sattle we decided to have our lunch break and recuperate from the uphill hike. We enjoyed the gorgeous mountain views, on one side the majestic Mt Baker and on the other the rugged Mt Shuksan. As forecasted the clouds were slowly accumulating and we made our way down to the lakes. On our way down we identified the different ridges we saw in the distance and contemplated our next hiking adventure.

Just in time for the well known view down Iceberg Lake and across to Mt Baker the clouds parted and gave way for the last time today to an uncovered view of the mountain. Lucky us again. The way down to the lake was a bit muddy but nothing to complain about and the way up to the junction with Ptarmigan Ridge was more strenuous than we remembered. I guess this is always the case.

We happily arrived at the parking lot at 3:00 pm, 5 hours after we left. All were glad that the bad weather of the last few days didn’t keep us from this hike today. Thanks to all who participated to make this another beautiful hiking day. Photos on the MBC Flickr Album page.