Lake Ann 2021

On a perfect day for a hike, three of us made our way to Lake Ann today amid babbling brooksand brilliant autumn foliage. Starting from the trailhead about half a mile ABOVE Austin Pass(not at it — the description on the WTA website is inaccurate on this point), we hiked downthrough beautiful shady woods, hopped across Swift Creek, and then made our way upthrough open meadows and across a rocky stretch of talus to the saddle overlookingthe Lake.  We then ventured a short ways beyond to get a majestic view of Mt. Shuksanand two of its receding glaciers.  After lunching at this majestic spot, we headed backto the trailhead, huffing and puffing up the final portion of the trail.  The views werespectacular from beginning to end, and though the trail was at times hard underfootand quite strenuous (especially at the end) all of our efforts were greatly rewarded. Photos added to the MBC album page.