Hannegan Pass and Peak

“Good” conditions yesterday allowed 7 strong hikers to hike to Hannegan Pass.  The trail is in great shape, we crossed paths with mostly overnighters, some headed up and some down.  Lunch at the Pass then 5 of the 7 went further towards Chilliwack and 2 hikers (2 of the bravest by far) hiked to the Peak.  Beautiful vistas with humidity and possibly smoke haze filtered clarity but as you’ll see if you view the photos on flickr views were fantastic.  Thanks to the well rounded group who hiked Hannegan yesterday!

New Garmin tracking device shows Pass hikers as walking 9.6 miles r/t with 2100 feet of gain and Peak hikers at 12.4 total miles with 3522 of cumulative gain.  Not sure I believe the #’s, nice outing nonetheless!

Michael Davis