Ptarmigan Ridge Hike

It was a perfect day for hiking, with sunny skies and a cool breeze. Looking back from the first part of the trail from Artist Point, Shuksan was veiled in a layer of haze and the distant Cascades were more of a suggestion, but Baker was clear. The trail was as usual, some rough, some smooth, and we were delighted to find a WTA crew hard at work under the direction of our own president-elect, Meg Bushnell.  The Ptarmigan Ridge trail still has some small snowfields melting out and feeding little creeks that support stands of yellow mimulus. By the time we reached the sharp bend and the first ridge it was getting on for lunch time, but we proceeded on the trail until the perfect lunch rock had been located. After lunch two of our number decided to go on to the glacier view, while the rest of us went back to rejoin one of us who had been unable to deal with the trails’s steep exposure in one section and had sensibly retired to more level ground. So we started with 6 and came back with 4, achieving a 33% attrition, which may be a record for the club. But the other two made it back home, so it was OK really. On the way back we met dozens of people coming up the trail, many of them with dogs, small children or both. Most of the haze had blown away by the time we got back, so Shuksan was clear. The parking lots were full by then. So if you want to do a hike from Artist Point, start early. 
Some pictures will be posted to the Flickr web site.