Anderson Butte and Watson Lakes

Four hearty and heat-reflecting hikers left REI in 1 car anticipating a warm and scenic day of hiking in the North Cascades yesterday, and we got exactly what we planned for.  The air was clear of clouds and all surrounding mountain tops were visible from Anderson Butte though in the distance to the East we could see tops of smoke clouds that threatened coming our way if the winds changed.  Fortunately the smoke stayed to the East.  Temps began increasing once we got to the top of the meadow, so we re-applied bug spray and sunblock before heading down the hill, then up the other hill, then back down the final hill to the Watson Lakes where we lunched, enjoyed some shade, swam, and mentally prepared for the roller coaster journey back out of the open bowl that makes Watson Lakes so unique and spectacular.  5.5 hours after beginning we got back to the TH, thankful and appreciative for the day, then headed to Birdsview to cool off our insides. 

Road up from the dam was about 80% “good condition” and the flies were numerous throughout sections of the hike, they really seemed to like Owen who decided bringing one back home in his beard would be the honorable and respectful thing to do.

Thanks to my hearty companions, this was not your run of the mill PNW hike, we were challenged but we conquered!

Photos on MBC Flickr album page..

Michael Davis