Excelsior via Damfino Lakes

 Three hikers with excellent taste wandered through the woods to the pass.  The best flower fields are in the meadows just before climbing …..also the last running water.

Shuksan and Baker in glorious repose across the valleys…..

   The beauty, and relative ease of this hike makes it popular and well traveled.  Wander for miles in either direction to escape the crowds.

Many hikers on the way up, as we were headed out….  and many coming in from the highway.    

The road is in the best shape its ever been….. no potholes, gulleys and drops all smoothed out….. still long,  winding and dusty.  Be aware the trail is open to dirt bikes, and motorcycles up to the junction with boundary way…..  

 Disclaimer:    excellent taste of the 3 hikers in question, was tested, and approved, by an independent panel of local  judges.

Including horseflies, mosquitos, black flies, and other biting critters