Park Butte Hike 2021

Park Butte never disappoints; another great day hiking in the PNW with the Mount Baker Club. Thirteen members joined me on my hike in the National Recreation Area. Some of us checked out the old fire lookout, some of us enjoyed the beautiful views from the tarns, and some of us did both. Nevertheless, we stayed together as one happy hiking group. 
What does it take to make this great hiking experience? Come to think of it, actually a lot! It is obvious that we need to be blessed with the beautiful land of the PNW. Then the National Forest Service has to do their part in developing and maintaining the recreation and wilderness areas. The Skagit Alpine Club has to keep the Lookout in good condition. Oh my god, then all these busy trail maintenance people. When we were there, groups from the Forest Service, WTA, Backcountry Horsemen from Skagit and Whatcom County, and a trail maintenance crew from the Pacific Scenic Trail were working the trails. Last not least we need the nice people from the Mount Baker Club to round out the great hiking experience. Thanks to all of them.

Pictures are on the MBC Flickr album page. See you on the trails,Fritz