Goat Mountain Hike 2021

Another great hike in the mountains. Seven strong MBC members tackled Goat Mt on a sunny July Friday. Great views of Mount Sefrit, Mount Shuksan and Mount Baker were to be had. Was that Excelsior Peak and Church Mountain over there? A little breeze kept the flies at bay during our lunch break at the lookout. Yes, the bugs started to be annoying at the last part of our hike. After lunch we pushed a little further up the mountain, to finish the official trail at about 5,500 ft. and 4.2 miles up the mountain. The top was not in the cards today. The trail is in excellent condition and the forest road to the trailhead is like the Autobahn, no potholes to be seen. Thanks to my fellow hikers for another great hiking day.

Pictures are posted on Flickr.

Off to the next hiking adventure,